Workout Science operates under the brand name Trimbo Active Wear and markets its products through

1. Definitions and Interpretation
Within this agreement the following terms shall have these laid out meanings:
"we", "us", "our", or "website" means, Trimbo Active Wear Ltd or Workout Science and vice versa.
"TS" means terms of service, and any other related services and rules/regulations posted on our websites (collectively, hereinafter known as "TS").
"Account" means collectively your private information, Payment Information and credentials used by you the user to access content and / or any communications system on the website;
"Carrier" means any third parties responsible for transportation of the goods purchased, from our premises to you the customer;
"Content" means any graphics, images, text, audio, video, software, data compilations and any other information capable of being stored on a computer that appears on or forms any part of this Website;
"Goods" means any physical products that Trimbo Active Wear Ltd promotes and / or makes available for sale through our website;
"Service" means collectively any online services, tools, facilities or information that Trimbo Active Wear Ltd makes available through it’s website either now or in the future;
"Payment Information" means any personal financial information required for the purchase of goods from this website. This includes, but is not limited to, credit and debit card numbers, bank account numbers and bank sort codes;
"Purchase Information" means collectively any online orders, sales invoices, dispatch notes, receipts or similar that may be in hard copy or an electronic form;
"Premises" means our regional business address for correspondence and returns at; Trimbo Active Wear Ltd - Woodseats House, 646 Chesterfield Rd, Woodseats, Sheffield S8 0SB South Yorkshire United Kingdom or our registered office.
"System" means any online communication equipment that Trimbo Active Wear Ltd makes available through our website both now and in the future. This includes, but is not limited to, email, messaging boards, live chat facilities and hyperlinks;
"User" / "Users" means any third parties that accesses the website who are not employed by Trimbo Active Wear Ltd or Workout Science .
"Website" means ,  and any sub-domains of these websites unless expressly excluded by their own terms and conditions.

2. Age Restrictions
Only to be used by people over the age of 16 years.

3. International Customers
If you reside outside the United Kingdom and order goods for delivery to another country, import duties and taxes may be incurred once your goods reach their destination point. We are not responsible for any such charges and we make no calculations or estimates in this regard. If you are buying internationally, you are advised to contact your local customs authorities for specific details on costs and import procedures for that country beforehand. As the purchaser of the Goods, you will also be the importer and as such should ensure that your purchase is in full compliance with the laws of the country into which the goods are being imported. Please be aware that goods may be inspected on arrival at port for customs purposes and we cannot guarantee that the packaging of your goods will be free from signs of tampering by customs staff. International delivery can take 7 – 31 days depending on the destination. We send via Royal Mail/UPS/TNT.

4. Intellectual Property
Apart from the exceptions in clause 5 of these terms and conditions, all content herein which includes graphics, logos, text, images, video clips and other data is the property of Trimbo Active Wear Ltd or 3rd parties associated with us, and as such you acknowledge that all such material is the property of Trimbo Active Wear Ltd and is protected by intellectual property laws. You may not use this Website, or any of its Content, to further any commercial purpose, including any advertising or advertising revenue generation activity on your own or any other website
4.1 Subject to Clause 6 you may not make copies, reproduce, distribute, or store or in any way, replicate content from the website unless otherwise stated on the website or given express written permission to do so by us.

5. Third Party Intellectual Property
5.1 Unless we have expressly indicated it, all intellectual property rights including, and not limited to, copyrights and trademarks, relating to product images and descriptions belong to the manufacturers of such products and/or distributors of such products as may be applicable.
5.2 Subject to clause 6 you may not replicate, make copies, distribute, store in any other way such material unless otherwise requested to do so on the website or given written permission to do so by the individual manufacturers or service providing company.

6. Fair Use of Intellectual Property
Items displayed from the website may be re-used without written permission where any of the exceptions detailed in Chapter III of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 are applicable.

7. Links to Other Websites
Our Website contains links to other websites. These websites are not under the control of Trimbo Active Wear Ltd or that of our associates. We take no responsibility for the content of such websites and are not liable for any loss or damage arising out of the use of them. The inclusion of a hyperlink to any other website does not constitute any endorsement of those websites or of those who own or administer them. The personal opinions of the 3rd parties who sell/market or use our products, or any third parties with whom we are associated are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Trimbo Active Wear Ltd and we accept no responsibility for any such views expressed in any media

8. Use of Communications Facilities
8.1 When using our enquiry form or any other communication vehicle on the website you should do so in accordance with these rules:
8.1.1 You must not use offensive, obscene or vulgar language;
8.1.2 You must not submit any unlawful content. This includes, but is not limited to, Content that may be reasonably deemed abusive, racist, threatening, defamatory, ageist, sexist, harassment;
8.1.3 You must not add content that is deemed to promote or incite disturbance of the peace or violent acts;
8.1.4 Enquiries made and forms filled should be in English language
8.1.5 You must not impersonate any other person, including employees and representatives of Trimbo Active Wear Ltd or our associates;
8.1.6 You must not use our website or systems for unauthorised mass-communication such as "spam" or "junk mail".
8.2 You acknowledge that we reserves the right to monitor any and all communications made to us on our Network.

9. Accounts/Payment
9.1 In order to purchase goods and services on our website and to use the online facilities you are required to create an account which will contain personal information and payment details which may vary dependent on your use of our site. You warrant that:
9.1.1 All information you enter and submit is honest and accurate;
Your creation of an Account is further affirmation of your full agreement to our terms and conditions without exception.
9.2 You agree not to disclose or share your account details, and take reasonable steps to keep such information safe, in particular your username and password which should not be written down. We accept no liability for any losses or damages incurred as a result of you losing or sharing such information. If you use a shared computer, do not save your account details in your internet browser, furthermore check before logging in to your account that the individual computer is not innocently (or otherwise) ‘ set up ‘ to capture username & passwords as a mode of easy access to websites for users.
9.3 If you have reason to believe that your Account details have been compromised, you should contact us immediately to suspend your Account and cancel any unauthorised purchases that may be pending. Please be aware that purchases can only be cancelled up until dispatched. In the event that an unauthorised purchase is dispatched prior to your notifying us of the unauthorised nature of the purchase, we accept no liability or responsibility and you should contact your credit card company and the relevant police authority.
9.4 When choosing a username or password you are required to adhere to the conditions set out above in Clause 8. Failure to do so may result in the suspension and/or cancellation of your account.
9.5 We processes all payments through mastercard/visa, Paypal and other global payment services providers, and all credit card details are maintained on their respective system's servers. We do not save/store any of your credit card details.

10. Termination and Cancellation
10.1 We, or you may terminate your account at any time. If we terminate your account, you will be notified by email and an explanation for the termination will be provided. Notwithstanding that, we reserve the right to terminate an account without giving an explanation.
10.2 If we terminate your account, any existing or pending orders on your account will be cancelled and will not be delivered.
10.3 We reserve the right to cancel an order without giving a reason, prior to processing your payment and prior to delivery.
10.4 If any order is cancelled for any reason prior to delivery after receiving payment you will be refunded any monies paid in the same mode that the payment was made.
10.5 If you cancel your account any orders not delivered will be cancelled and you will be refunded any monies paid in the same mode that the payment was made.

11. Goods, Pricing and Availability
11.1 Every effort is made to ensure that all graphic representations and descriptions of goods and services available from us relate to the actual goods and services being offered. Trimbo Active Wear Ltd is not responsible for any deviation from these descriptions that are out of our control. This refers only to variations of the correct goods and services, not completely different goods and services. Please refer to Clause 13.1 for incorrect goods and services.
11.2 Where appropriate, you may be required to select the required type/ numbers/feature/ of the goods and services that you are ordering. You accept that we cannot guarantee that your computer monitor's display of any colours shown for the goods will be completely accurate. You accept that these products are designed for use by women only.
11.3 Trimbo Active Wear Ltd does not represent or warrant that all such goods and services will be available immediately. There is a basic charge per order for postage, irrespective of how many items ordered. Orders are sent via Royal Mail in the UK.
11.4 All prices and descriptive information on the website is correct at the time of presentation online. We reserve the right to change prices and amend or replace any special offers from time to time as it sees fit. Once you have made your choice and your order has been received online, you will receive an email acknowledging the details of your order. This email is NOT an acceptance of your order, but a confirmation that we have received it.
Unless you cancel your order, acceptance of your order and completion of the contract between you and us will be satisfied when we email you to confirm the goods have been dispatched. The sale contract is therefore concluded in England/UK and the language of the contract is in English.
11.5 If the price of goods or services change during the period between an order being placed for goods or services and us processing that order, you will be contacted prior to your order being processed with details of the new price;

12. Delivery
12.1 We will notify you by way of email when your goods are to be delivered to you.
12.2 If we receive no communication from you, within 7 days of delivery, regarding any problems with the goods or services, you accept that you are deemed to have received the goods in satisfactory order and with no problems and are happy with the service provided. In certain instances it may take up to 31 days or more to deliver your order.

13. Returns Policy
We aim to always provide high quality goods and services. On occasion however, goods may need to be returned. Returns are governed by these particular terms and conditions.
13.1 If you receive goods or services which do not match those you ordered, unless an explanatory note explains the reason for the difference, that you are satisfied with, you should contact us within 7 days to arrange collection and return. We are not responsible for paying delivery charges where you have ordered the wrong item. You will be given the option to have the goods replaced with those originally ordered (if available) or can be refunded through the payment method used by you when ordering the goods. Refunds or alternatives will be issued upon our receipt of the returned goods. For orders cancelled we will issue you with a full refund excluding shipping cost. However, you will need to return the entire order to us by secure means to ensure it reaches us in saleable condition, at your own cost. Cancelled orders should be returned to: Trimbo Active Wear Ltd, Customer Services Department, Regional office; 646 Chesterfield Rd, Woodseats, Sheffield S8 0SB South Yorkshire United Kingdom. All items must be returned unused and in their original condition. In case of dispute, we also recommend you retain proof of sending. Refunds will be issued within 30 days of us receiving your cancellation notice and the goods in an acceptable condition.
13.2 If any goods you have ordered have faults when they are delivered to you, you should advise us within 7 days and return goods by regular 2nd class post. Trimbo Active Wear Ltd is not responsible for paying return delivery costs if you order the wrong size shorts. Goods must be returned in their original condition with all packaging and documentation. Upon receipt of the returned goods, and inspection, after our reasonable consideration, if valid, the price of the goods, paid by you, will be refunded in the same mode that the payment was made.
If you ordered the wrong item you can return the original one. You will be liable for the postage costs. You accept it takes time and costs money to process an order, and accept we make an admin handling charge of £10.00 per ‘ wrong order ‘ where you have made an incorrect order that has been despatched. If the error is on our part, we will be responsible for the cost of the postage return, and there will be no handling fee charged. Please use the online contact form to notify us.
If you would like to exchange a faulty item instead of obtaining a refund, please be aware that we can only replace it for the same product in the same size, subject to availability.
13.3 We reserve the right to exercise our own reasonable discretion in respect to any returns and refund requests under these terms and conditions. Factors taken into account in the exercise of that discretion include, but are not limited to:
13.3.1 Any use, benefit, or pleasure that you may have already had out of the goods;
13.3.2 Any change to the goods which may cause them to deteriorate or become redundant;
13.3.3 The goods consist of fitness wear products where the packaging has been opened/tested/used/marked
13.3.4 Returns that are damaged or spoilt will not be accepted and will be sent back to the customer and/or a refund refused.

14. Disclaimers
14.1 We make no warranty or representation that the website will meet your exacting requirements, that it will be fit for a particular purpose, that it will not infringe the rights of third parties, that it will be compatible with all your systems, that it will be secure and that all information provided will be accurate. We make no guarantee of any specific results from the use of these services. We reserve the right at its sole discretion not to publish or to remove any comment including those that it believes may be unlawful, defamatory, racist or libellous, incite hatred or violence, detrimental to people, institutions, religions or to people's privacy, which may cause harm to minors, is detrimental to the trade marks, patents and copyrighted content, contains personal data, improperly uses the medium for promoting and advertising businesses. This website is available to the public, information you consider confidential should not be posted to this website. We will do our best to ensure that the information on this website is accurate and complete. Trimbo Active Wear Ltd does not promise that it’s website content is accurate or error-free.
14.2 No part of this website is intended to constitute expert advice and the content of this website should not be relied upon when making any decisions or taking any action of any kind.
14.3 No part of this website is intended to constitute a contractual offering available for acceptance.

15. Changes to the Service and these Terms and Conditions
We reserve the right to change the website, its content or these terms and conditions at any time. You accept you will be bound by any changes to the terms and conditions from the first time you use the website following any changes.

16. Availability of the Website
The Service is provided on an "as is" and on an "as available" basis. We give no warranty that the Service will be free of defects and / or faults. To the maximum extent permitted by the law we provide no warranties (express or implied) of fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy of information, compatibility and satisfactory quality.
We accept no liability for any disruption or non-availability of the website resulting from external causes including, but not limited to, ISP equipment failure, host equipment failure, communications network failure, power failure, natural events, acts of war or legal restrictions and censorship, or act of God.

17. Limitation of Liability
17.1 To the extent permitted by English law, we accept no liability for any direct or indirect loss or damage, foreseeable or otherwise, including any indirect, consequential, special or exemplary damages arising from the use of the website or goods, and any information contained therein. Users should be aware that they use the website and its content at their own risk.
17.2 If Trimbo Active Wear Ltd breaches the TS we shall only be liable for losses which are direct losses and a reasonably foreseeable consequence of such a breach. Losses are foreseeable where, for example, they could be contemplated by you and Trimbo Active Wear Ltd at the time of you placing your order, and Trimbo Active Wear Ltd dispatching your order. You further accept we shall only be liable for losses up to 100% of the total value of goods purchased.
We make no representations or warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, with respect to this website, its content, or the information available on or through it; they are provided "as is," with all faults. Except as otherwise provided under applicable laws, we and our corporate affiliates, and the directors, officers, employees, agents, contractors, successors and assigns of each, will not be liable for any damages whatsoever arising out of or related to the use of this website or any other website linked to it. We are not responsible for losses not caused by our breach or negligence, indirect losses which are a side effect of the main loss or damage and which are not reasonably foreseeable by you and us (for example, consequential or special damages, loss of profits or loss of opportunity).
We are also not responsible for failure to meet any of our obligations under the TS where such failure is due to events beyond our reasonable control.
Our website provides general information on a wide range of health topics, but does not contain all the relevant information about health and medical conditions. You accept that the information on this website is not a substitute for professional care by a qualified practitioner and should not be construed as personal medical advice or instruction. No action should be taken based solely on the contents of this website. If you are concerned about the use of the product you buy on this Website or have any other concerns or questions about your health, you should always consult an appropriate healthcare professional. You should consult your doctor prior to embarking on a vigorous exercise plan, or if you have any serious medical condition, such as back pain, high blood pressure or heart disease, or if you are pregnant. Whilst we do everything we can to bring you the trustworthy and reliable information, we cannot give an absolute guarantee that every piece of information on our Website is true, accurate or up to date at all times.
If you are using a medicine, remedy or other supplement, you should always ensure it is safe to start using our product alongside this.
The information on our website is not designed for use by healthcare professionals. The naming of any organisation, product, or complementary therapy or practitioner on this website does not imply endorsement by us. The information provided on this website is believed to be accurate and sound, based on the best judgment available to the authors, but readers who fail to consult appropriate health authorities assume the risk of any injuries.
All statements about the results that our product has shown on the website are personal opinions of either staff and shareholders of Trimbo Active Wear Ltd, independent bloggers or customers of the website. They are not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat any diseases.
17.3 All testimonies pertain to certain individuals who have used the product. Any statements of results may not be guaranteed by the Shareholders, Directors, staff and the company. Any advice that the website gives from time to time does not guarantee the results which some people have shown.
17.4 Every effort has been made to ensure that these terms and conditions adhere strictly with the relevant provisions of the unfair contract terms Act 1977, in the event that any of these terms are found to be unlawful, invalid or otherwise unenforceable, that term is to be deemed severed from these terms and conditions and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining terms and conditions. This term shall apply only within jurisdictions where a particular term is illegal.

18. No Waiver
In the event that any party to these terms and Conditions fails to exercise any such right or remedy contained herein, this shall not be construed as a waiver of that right or remedy.

19. Previous Terms and Conditions
In the event of any conflict between these terms and conditions and any prior versions thereof, the provisions of these terms and conditions shall prevail unless it is expressly stated otherwise.

20. Notices
All notices / communications should be sent to us either by post to our Premises (see address above) or by email. Such notice will be deemed received 3 days after posting if sent by first class post, the day of sending if the email is received in full on a business day and on the next business day if the email is sent on a weekend or public holiday.

21. Law and Jurisdiction
These terms and conditions and the relationship between you and us shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws of England and Wales and we and you both agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.

We respect your privacy. Accordingly we do not sell, rent or loan any identifiable information regarding our customers to any third party without your prior consent. In some instances we would like to share information about you with any new companies we may develop in the future, either on our own or with others. This site will be updated should we develop other joint ventures or companies in the future.
Any information that you give us is held with the utmost care and security. It will not be used in ways to which you have not consented. We will not collect any information about individuals, except where it is specifically and knowingly provided by them.