Take the 4 week challenge, participate in the Peloton Treadmill workout for 4 weeks while wearing Trimbo fitness & exercise shorts (at least 3 times /week). Use the basic exercise principals we advocate or go with your own workouts, include interval & resistance training where possible. Measure your waist hips, thighs and weigh yourself before you start using the shorts, note the stats down, then repeat 4 weeks later. Take photos before and after 4 weeks. You should participate in a healthy (reduced calorie) diet plan during the challenge period. If you want to share your experience, post a review and any photos on your Facebook page and ours.

Womens Fitness Clothing

Wax lyrical and Tweet about your Peloton Treadmill workout experience and give us some feedback, we want to know how you get on. To get the best results from this fitness gear, get hot and sweaty during exercise and wear Trimbo exercise shorts for a minimum of 20 -30 mins/ each time while doing vigorous exercise. These aren’t magic pants you get out what you put in, so hit it hard - hit it often.


Trimbo Peloton Workout Shorts only available in Black

Womens Fitness Clothing Womens Fitness Clothing