Trimbo® Activewear® - Introducing our Peloton workout shorts for women that incorporate trim and tone workout science with cellulite reduction in one product. It’s the ultimate female fitness sportswear product to help you get slimmer in the WHAT® zone and shape up fast. When used correctly they will help you lose in the waist, hips, ass, and thigh areas. Compression tights are usually worn by females who may be exercising to lose weight, tone up or keep their muscles and joints warm during strenuous workout activity. Trimbo workout shorts fit high above the wearer’s waist to and finish just above the knee.

The natural thick padding fabrics used in peloton workout shorts for women mean you remain warm and comfortable during mat based exercises and hot during fast paced indoor cycling, spin classes or when working on the cross trainer, treadmill and step climbing routines. When you exercise without Trimbo workout shorts, it’s only in your mind that you can hope it’s working, but when wearing our shorts there is no uncertainty, the harder you workout, the more the shorts convey that message to you, giving you the impetus to drive on harder knowing it’s working.

Trimbo's peloton workout shorts for women are ideal for indoor Bike sessions as they harness the wearers natural body heat during exercise and maximise cardio & aerobic workouts by up to 4 X more when wearing the shorts which incorporate the latest fabric technology. Increase your metabolic rate to produce maximum core body temperature in the WHAT® zone, for colossal calorie burn. When this process starts Inch loss occurs; weight loss follows, then toning with continued use. See a major improvement in the general sluggish blood circulation that is common place in this part of the body (this may be due to a sedentary lifestyle) which, if left un-checked, can result in excess body fat being stored in this area (WHAT® zone) by many women.

Workout for Women

Peloton workout shorts for women created by help to create deep cellular circulation during bike cycling activity resulting in a breakdown of fat tissue aided by lymphatic drainage and the flushing out of toxins which are the building blocks of cellulite. A unique titanium plush layer is bonded to neoprene which enhances the heat retaining properties in the shorts, making it up to 40 % hotter than other exercise shorts designed for women. This means when you exercise the natural body heat you generate will be harnessed more effectively, targeting dormant cells. Initially water weight and toxins will be lost. Incorporate wearing Trimbo workout shorts in to your existing diet/exercise routine to get enhanced results.

If Peloton bike is your gig, or you do Zumba®, Pilates® or mat based exercises, you will find the high waist shorts (that come over your belly button) will cushion your hips, keeping lower back muscles and hip joints warm. Trimbo workout shorts for women do not ride up on your thighs while running at speed or when exercising vigorously. Continue to wear the shorts for at least 20 mins after you finish your workout (as you will continue to burn calories) in order to obtain maximum energy disbursement.

Trimbo Peloton Workout Shorts only available in Black

Workout for Women Workout for Women