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Copyright hinges on the question of ownership of an original work. An original work can take various forms: text, image, audio recording, video recording, computer software, website, etc. Copyright is immediately effective upon the creation of an original work. The creator of an original work does not have to register his/her copyright in the work before it is protected. Copyright automatically belongs to the author or creator - but it may also be assigned to a third party, for example a publishing business. The copyright owner has the exclusive right to prevent any third party from doing any of the following without permission:

Unless a work is clearly stated to be copyright-free or out of copyright by virtue of its age, it is illegal to download, scan or otherwise copy the said work for onward dissemination, even if no financial gain takes place. A case of copyright infringement applies where the copyright material is being used. In other words, in the UK you are subject to British laws on copyright irrespective of the country of origin of the item you intend to copy.