Why Choose Trimbo Black Sweatpants?

Trimbo Activewear ® - Introducing our women’s gym wear - black gym sweatpants for women - they incorporate trim & tone workout science plus cellulite reduction in one product. It’s the ultimate gym wear product to help women get slimmer in the WHAT® zone and shape up fast. When used correctly they will help you lose in the waist, hips, ass, and thigh areas. Add these gym shorts to your range of gym clothing for excellent motivation and goal setting. We’ve created our own unique size chart (view before placing your order) so you get the best fit. We’ve designed an adjustable velcro catch in to the waist; when your waist gets slimmer you simply adjust the velcro catch to take up the space.

The practicality of wearing Trimbo® sweatpants means customers will be taking them on and off, sometimes more than once a day. With some other brand of workout shorts, after taking the shorts on and off, over a period of weeks and months, the top circumference of the waist can become enlarged due to constantly stretching the fabric to get them over the hips. This may be compounded when there is a reduction in the waist measurement due to weight loss, as the waist circumference of the shorts can become enlarged/oversized and with no tightening mechanism in place, exercise can become uncomfortable due to 'rubbing' caused by the enlarged 'new gap ' around the waist while running/cycling etc, resulting in the need for a new, smaller size of workout shorts.

These problems are overcome with the Trimbo® sweatpants design as any decrease/increase in size around the waist is taken up with the adjustable velcro catch feature. Trimbo® workout shorts don’t make any 'squishing' noises when you move in them. We invite potential customers to take the '4 Week Challenge ' which we believe is achievable and realistic for the majority of women.

The high waist of the sweatpants covers the stomach above the belly button to ensure a slimmer waistline can be achieved. These exercise shorts do not ride up on your thighs while running at speed or when exercising vigorously, the hemline finishes just above the knee to prevent rub & riding up which can happen with some brands whose shorts extend to below the knees. The longevity of our sweatpants makes Trimbo ® sweatpants the first choice for women who want to shape up fast, they’re considered great value.

Trimbo Peloton Workout Shorts only available in Black

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