Workout Clothing for Women
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Peloton Bike Shorts Women’s

Trimbo means trim body.

Peloton Bike Shorts Women’s; We start from the premise that a woman’s body shape and figure is determined by her WHAT® zone (waist hips ass thighs). So it’s crucial to trim and tone this area of the body in order to look shapely, healthy, sexy, fit and slim in dresses and all other clothing. Drop 1 or 2 jean sizes in 4 weeks! Trimbo high tech padded workout gym shorts for women helps facilitate figure shaping. By using the latest fabric technology in our workout apparel to harness your natural body heat during exercise. This is utilised to target fat cells and cellulite as you burn calories. Initially water weight is lost. Then with continued Peloton bike use (combined with a reduced calorie intake) inch loss occurs, followed by actual weight loss. See our websites 'Take the 4 week challenge'. The Trimbo bike shorts are thicker than spandex so they cushion your hips while keeping joints and muscles warm during mat based exercises like yoga. They excel and work for you during Zumba, Spin classes, Cross Trainer, Indoor Bike, and Peloton Treadmill. Wear under jogging bottoms if required. If you’re plus size and need to kick start your weight loss routine they will be pivotal in helping you gain confidence and see results quickly.

Workout Gym Shorts for Women

Peloton Workout Gym Shorts for Women. If you are already slim and just want to stay toned, reduce the amount of cardio exercise you do while wearing the gym shorts (or you will lose more inches/size/weight in the WHAT® zone), while increasing the amount of resistance training you do on gym equipment. For those looking to lose weight and shape up, wear Trimbo's high waisted padded workout gym shorts during Indoor cycling sessions. See results with aerobic and cardio exercises to increase your metabolic rate which in turn will produce maximum core body temperature in your WHAT® zone; Feel the intense warming effect on muscles, as lactic acid build up is reduced during Circuit Training, Boxercise, even, Pilates, Stationery Bike Cycling,and free running. Most definitely wear at the gym and take your workout to another level during SPIN CLASSES, PELOTON BIKE, TREADMILL, CROSS TRAINER, STEP MACHINE, and during High Intensity Interval Training (H I I T). Get up to 4 x more from workouts as calorie burning & intensity is concentrated around your waist hips ass and thighs WHAT® zone;. Your new silent training partner has arrived.

When used during Spin classes and Peloton Cycling be prepared to witness colossal calorie burning (your thighs will feel on fire) as dormant fat cells are forced to endure a massive ' wake up & shape up. Then testify to inch loss occurring all over your WHAT® zone. Weight loss will follow then toned thighs and smoother buttocks with continued use. It's not a gimmick; They work - your intense workouts will be rewarded with optimum results - a slimmer you; Continue to wear the padded Peloton Bike shorts for at least 20 mins after you finish your workout (as you will continue to burn calories) and obtain maximum energy disbursement. Speak to a gym PT instructor before undergoing any strenuous exercise.

Trimbo Peloton Workout Shorts only available in Black